Sports Recovery

Olympians use it – James Magnussen Olympic swimmer

Olympic athletes at London 2012 used olive leaf extracts as immune supplements to maintain a healthy immune system throughout rigorous training schedules. Gold medal hot shot James Magnussen had pre-meet illnesses that caused him issues throughout 2011. Instead of the pneumonia that racked his body before the world championships gold in Shanghai or the chest infection that affected his Olympic trials build-up in Adelaide, for London 2012 Magnussen exuded great health. He put it down to making olive leaf extract part of his sports recovery nutrition diet. The combined immune support and detox antioxidant effect during strenuous training may well have kept the bugs away.

Antioxidants help with sports recovery – Stefano Chiriaco, UK Trainer of the Year

Stefano’s view is that the antioxidant power of OVIO olive leaf combats free radicals, assisting with sports recovery after hard workouts.

“You can’t run a Ferrari on apple juice, and you need to feed what you need! This is important to make sure you maximise your time, if you aren’t changing and getting results, then you will quit! Training is for attacking the problem from the outside, eating from the inside-BOOM! Supplements can really make the difference. I came across OVIO liquid supplements and was impressed by its quality. Antioxidants counter free radicals, something which destroys the body. They are created from smoking, unhealthy living and stress/training hard. OVIO supplements formulas stop these free radicals from damaging your body and gives you natural energy! Supplements are REAL and make a difference. ANYTHING you put in your mouth affects how you look and who you are, be nice to yourself and your body will be nice, and LOOK NICE for you! “.

Historically sportsmen and women have used olive leaf liquid supplements for better performance – Italian national sprinter Manuela Levorato

Manuela told us “I specialise in the 100 and 200 metres, and have won 15 Italian national titles, bronze medals at the Europeans and have competed at the World Championships three times. My schedule is grueling. Olive leaf extract really have made a difference to my training, and I believe to my competitiveness.” Sportsmen and women have historically used olive leaf extract to boost oxygen supply to muscles due to its potential vasodilating properties. Manuela believes olive leaf makes a real difference in competition.