About Us

We drink it, we swear by it, we think you will too

We (Dom and Susan) are committed to making the very most out of life and keeping our family healthy and happy. We like many of you believe that eating the best available natural ingredients and living healthily (most of the time) is essential.

Not everyone has the time to make sure they are getting the balanced nutrients needed from their diet and with the widespread use of additives and pesticides, the quality of ingredients is sometimes questionable. We believe in complimenting our family’s healthy diet with natural supplements in liquid form direct from natural food sources.

So we started OVIO Wellness, what could be more natural than olive leaf water infusions – bringing a key building block of the Mediterranean diet to you as liquid supplements and functional drinks.

Let us introduce ourselves

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Living in Italy, our young family embraced the healthy Mediterranean way of eating (which adds to longevity by the way) and enjoyed the health benefits of amazing olive tree food products for some time. We discovered that there is a mass of impressive positive health benefit research on olive tree products but that very few high quality natural palatable and easy to take liquid supplements or drinks, based on the most potent part of the tree – its leaves – existed.

So, we decided to make a difference. Since 2011 OVIO Wellness has been dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness for all with safe, simple and effective natural health products that are sustainable and effective, using socially responsible and ethical practices. Through the combination of modern science and age old healing recipes, OVIO aims to support and restore the body, naturally.

We lived in Italy for seven years, our children were born there, and we’ve been involved with all things Italian on and off for more than 15 years. So it wasn’t a surprise that our adventures lead us to find our olive leaf and calendula flower infusion in Italy. It’s based on a recipe made many years ago by a doctor on the island of Cyprus who explained how his grandfather had cured hundreds of people with olive leaf water infusions. This recipe ended up in Italy and is the base ingredient in our Daily Organic Olive Leaf Plus supplement range, and, healthy infusion drinks range. 

After years of experimentation to perfect the infusion process, we are now driven to bring this precious and natural health promoting product to as many people as possible.

Why we love Olive Leaf

We love olive leaf because it’s a natural wellness liquid supplement that’s been around since Egyptian times, it’s credible (having been studied by tens if not hundreds of scientists with great results – just check out the internet), and for its wide range of known applications including immune support, anti-fungal and antibacterial uses. Scientists have identified many other health benefits to boot. Olive leaf is also used for sports recovery and performance. Olympic athletes at London 2012 used olive leaf extracts as immune supplements to maintain a healthy immune system throughout rigorous training schedules – sportsmen have historically used olive leaf extract to boost oxygen supply to muscles due to its potential vasodilating properties.

All in all olive leaf is a fantastic, natural wellness, health ingredient……that’s why it’s the basis of our products.